Daily Affirmations

Having been encouraged and stretched by reading other people’s daily affirmations, I thought others might be interested to read mine. They are a work in progress, slowly evolving as I fine-tune language or as life shifts. I try to write them out each day, usually at the end of my morning journalling. I find they help maintain a good mental framework, correcting errors born from anxiety and depression, as well as spurring me on to act. Feel free to adopt or edit some as your own. (Last updated 17/8/17.)

I am a strong, capable, and courageous woman.

My Creator delights in me. My worth is not in question.

My confidence comes from my Beloved and the knowledge of who She made me to be. It comes in peace.

I live in tune with the Divine, willingly discomforted in order to bring and grow into the fullness of Christ and life which God promises.

I act in ways which move towards wholeness and Love.

I am diligently writing my PhD, it is mine to do, and I have all the support I need. It is good and important work and is already making a difference. It is a labour of love, hope, and healing.

I write and speak for and of God, breathing life with my words.

I have something to say, a message people are longing to hear. It is worth the risk to myself.

It is safe to speak up and out; it is safe to act; I have all the support I need.

El Shaddai (the All-Sufficient) provides all my family and I need, generous with us so that we might be generous with others.

I live in unison with my body, supporting her as she supports me; I heed her voice.

I trust myself and willingly listen to my inner voice. My intuition is strong and trustworthy.

My emotions are valuable and welcomed. I welcome the light and the dark, both are part of me and both have valuable contributions to make.

I own the energy I bring.

I allow myself to be all that I am and all I am meant to be. I have all the space and support I need.

My life is getting better and better as I actively work to make a difference.

All glory belongs to God.