About reKhast

I named this blog reKhast because God is making everything in my life new, reworked from the old, like an old jersey being unraveled and reknitted into a new creation.

I used to fear my fragileness, but now I can see that the holes give me strength to stand against what comes, like a Roman aqueduct made by stacking arches to let through the wind and wild, and remain standing through the ages.

Have you ever gone to the grocer and sought out the bruised and battered fruit? And then insisted on paying full price, even when the grocer offers you a discount? No? Well that’s what God does with us, because God can see the beauty and strength in our fragileness, the sweetness that comes from bruising. When are willing to unravel because we know we are safe in God’s hands, and can trust God’s works, then God can knit us back together, with the Holy Spirit, into a new creation.

I believe that if God is Love, then we are always welcome in God’s arms, so whatever image of God we hold should propel us towards God. If it doesn’t, then maybe we should relook at the images we hold. Our relationship with God is key to being God’s child, so we MUST be able to relate, whatever that might look like.


Hi, I’m Kathy, and I’m in the midst of working out what it means to be a child of God, what that looks like, and how to live that out. This is a small space to explore this, to wrestle and rest as God remakes us into the children that we were designed to be, a place to practice and discuss what it means to live in God’s ways, not the ways of the world. It is also a place to explore who God is, the images we carry of God, and how we can play with these to deepen our relationship with God.

I believe we stand on holy ground, right where we are, so this the perfect place to meet with God.

So welcome, come join me as we recast our lives together.

Feel free to get in touch:

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