Here, Lord. You are here with me. And I can rest. I can still myself. I can stop striving, stop worrying about what others think of me. The only opinion which matters is Yours. It is You I should be striving to impress, to please; it is You I should be giving the best of me. And yet …

in the same breath …

I am nothing without You, and You say that is enough, I am enough.            Tweet

All my striving, all my (non-)impressive works, they don’t change how You feel about me, how You respond to me and treat me. In Your hands I am precious, handled with infinite care and love; and I am delighted in, showered with Your joy just for existing.

It is Your love for me, Your gentle tenderness in contrast to Your mighty power, these push me into reverence, these leave me in awe.            Tweet

And so I am invited to honour You, invited to give my best for You, to shape my whole life around You.

The Israelites were commanded to honour You, commanded to give their firsts to You, commanded to shape their lives around celebrations of and sacrifices to You, reminded again and again of Your goodness to them, Your power against those who oppose You.

Here, now, as a Gentile believer, I am not bound to these laws, these demands to remember, remember, remember. My very life reminds me, my own experiences make me unable to deny You, Your existence, the honour due You. Your love pouring into my life makes me want to tell stories of You to my children, that they might remember too. There are no commands necessary, no law needed to make this happen.

You are here with me. The Israelites had to physically move to be near You, and even then, only a few individuals, carefully purified, could stand in Your presence.

Yet You make my body Your temple, You make my flesh and blood Your home. How good You are to me, Lord! How You honour this creation of dust and Wind. You could blow me apart, disintegrate me into the Wind, yet it is Your love which holds me together.

And so I can still myself, recentre myself again in Your love, in You. And from there, from my centre, from You, I will be motivated to act in Your ways, to love as You love, to honour You, to bend my life in obedience, to live from a place of rest, of being wholly loved and loved by the Holy.

So I remind myself again:

You are here, now, with me, soaking every fibre of my being.           Tweet



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