My body knows how to love

Just sink down.

What is true in this moment?

The wind is cool against my skin, brushing past me with soft caresses, loving on me as it moves on and past, continuing on its own journey.

What is true in this moment?

I’m not finishing my PhD, writing went nowhere today, I’m failing. Well that last bit is not true, passing or failing is not being judged at this point. I try to let it go, to release it into the soft hands of the wind, let them take it from me.

What is true in this moment?

The sky is blue, the grass, green; bold splashes of cool and calming colours. The workers’ fluoro orange vests try to compete, but are too small to conquer the world around them.

Is there peace here, in the midst of bustle and noise? It’s already inside me, just waiting for me to notice and bring it forth.

A jingle of keys behind me, tinkling out like a windchime, drawing me back into my body, feeling the sweet caress of Love against my skin. Isn’t the Holy Spirit called a wind? the breath of God?

What is true in this moment?

There is no need for hurry, no pressure to rush, to hurry up and be successful. I am already, when I stop and sink into my skin. This body already knows the truth – that I am loved, that I am enough. No wonder it insists on being treated with care, with love, on being nourished and supported. It advocates for me, teaching me how to treat myself, how to care for myself, how to love.

This thing I had derided, this meat-sack I have tortured, it has so much love to teach me. It hasn’t grown hard with hatred, it hasn’t returned in kind. It has remained, patient, silent, waiting until I am ready to listen.

And now, when I finally stop and sink down into my skin, what wisdom I discover it to hold. This body already knows the ways of love.

And somehow, by some miracle, this body, overflowing with love, is not just my possession. No, this body is me.

So let me ask again. What is true in this moment?

It is not that I am trying to teach my wayward flesh to walk in love. No, it is my body which already knows, it is my flesh which teaches the rest of me.



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