God in the pain

It’s easy to find You

in the comfort

and ease,

in the spaces of the world

which lavish us with love.

The easy times,

the joy unfolding,

they shine with Your love,

glow with Your delight.

But what about the times when

the corners are sharp,

when we stumble, roll,

when life spits sparks

and hits back?

The good and joyful,

the triumphant entrance,

are so easy

to praise You for.

But to thank You

for the pain,

to celebrate

You who created agony,

seems foolish.

Why is it so hard

to see You in the heartbreak?

Why do You seem

so distant

when we see pain?

Why do we not see

that You are right inside it,

unseen, because You are buried inside


Is it so hard to imagine

that You might be found

by turning towards the pain,

turning into the suffering?

But each sharp spark

hides a piece of You

hanging on a cross,



that You

might also be

in ours.



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