Resistance and pursuit

You, Lord,

surround me,

and I feel alone.

You comfort me,

and I squirm,

trying to soothe myself.

You whisper love,

breathless in my ear,

and I curse the sun for shining,

wanting the world

to match the dark mood inside.


Can You creep up on me

in the dark,

when the cares of the day

have me already undone?

Will You sing of Your love

through the night

as I sleep?

Let my body

absorb Your touch,

without my mind to interfere.


Catch me unawares,

speak in languages unknown,

that You might ride under my skin

before I can think

to shut You out.


I have grown resistant

to the ways familiar,

tuning out Your overtures

to better hear

my own bitterness.

Yet for all the ways I shut You out,

You find another.


O, keep pursuing me, Lord,

woo me again.

I need to hear once more

the ways You speak of me.

I need to see again

the world through Your eyes.

Help me to receive,

as You pour Yourself out

in love,

endless and overflowing.



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