The sky is layered today,

grey pressing against white,

just as You press against me,

longing to have more of You in my life,

yearning to have us merge into one,

our breaths mingling,

our lives entangled

and inseparable.

Until there is not You and Me,

not Your life and Mine, but just

one life,

living and loving

as one body.

Until my flesh is Yours

as much as it is Mine,

Your spirit is Mine

as much as it is Yours,

and we breathe as one,

with one heartbeat,

one life.


I feel You pressed against me,

searching for a breach

into my tightly sealed life

where the merger can begin,

where Your life can flow into mine

and mine into Yours.


I want the barrier between us

to be broken down.

My life cannot be fully lived

without You mingled in,

without breathing You in

on every breath,

without my heart beating in time with Yours.

Just pressing close

is not enough,

just having You live up beside me

does not satisfy.

Your touch on my skin

has me keening for more,

for a deeper intimacy,

a greater closeness.

I don’t want to live separated from You,

I don’t want You as just another layer in my life.

I need more of You than that.

And I am willing to surrender more of myself

if it means I can have all of You.





 I wrote this as a love poem to God, but I’ve since been thinking that it could just as easily be applied to other people around us, maybe even more importantly. It could easily be a love poem from me to You. Go on, read it again. I’ll wait.

God asks us to love others as God loves us (see John 13:34). Can we have that same love, that same closeness? Or do we brush it off as ‘close enough’? True intimacy with each other is more than skin deep, it is more than caring about how they are on the surface. It is wading with them into the mud pit and wrestling beside them, with them. It is hearing their stories from the inside, not the outside, and being willing to let them change us too. It is being willing to let go of our precious ideas and requirements so that someone else might have room to simply breath.

Equality isn’t “you can stand in the middle with me,” it’s “I’ll move to make room for you,” or even better: “let’s move the centre so you can reach it as easily as I can.”


You are welcome here, with me, at the Lord’s table, whoever you are.

Whatever is going on in your life, wherever you are at, whatever parts of you feel awkward, you don’t need to check them at the door, your whole self is welcome here, because your whole self is loved and held precious.

Come, Beloved, eat and drink. We cannot be the body of Christ is all its fullness without You.


2 thoughts on “Love

  1. Very touching, fierfully intensive longing for that intimacy He wants to have with us! Cannot imagine what it could be but am still drawn closer and closer …


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