Smallness filled with vastness

I’m trying something a little different here today, sharing a prayer-poem of my searchings as I fumble around working out how to relate to my amazing God.



God of the Universe,

I feel small today.

I sit beneath the expanse of a clear winter sky,

And I am amazed that you cannot be contained by size.

Yet in your vastness

You draw me close,

And I do not feel small in your arms.

I feel brittle,

Ready to shatter

With the slightest pressure.

But I soften in your arms

And melt into Your touch,

Stretching out my smallness.

My skin presses against your vastness,

But I do not come undone

For you hold me together.

Your expanse aches against me

And I surrender,

Opening myself,

Inviting You in.

I could not dream of containing the stars,

Yet Your whisper promises wonders

To be born through me,

That I might bring stars down from the heavens

And gift them to others,

Your vastness

Working through my smallness.

Though I couldn’t hope to contain You,

You gently pour in,

Stretching me wider,


And as our beings twine together,

I become more fully myself.

You fill me to overflowing,

Stretch me beyond what I thought to be,

Yet held close in your arms

I am not stretched thin.

I am more

Here with You.


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