Travelling to where God is

I’ve been travelling over the last week, going places I’ve never been, a long way from where and what I know. Yes, I brought my husband with me, with our powers combined we can muddle our way through most things. Meltdowns alone in foreign airports really don’t appeal. With him there I feel more secure, that somehow no matter what happens we can manage and be okay.

But this last week, it’s been more than that, more than my husband helping me through. We’ve felt God’s presence with us. And it’s been good to know God is right there with us and going before us. Missing a bus in a foreign country wasn’t fun, but we knew we could turn to God who was right there with us in that foreign place, and that together we could find a way through. We asked God to move things for us, and they moved.

This whole adventure was God asking me to step out in faith, to trust God in something beyond what I have ever known. And God has been right there with us. It wasn’t a stepping out into thin air, because God was already there waiting to give us firm ground.

We spent the first few days repeatedly asking God what we were doing on the far side of the world, leaving our kids behind, leaving the familiar behind. We felt so upside down and backwards in this place we didn’t know, the culture we didn’t fit.

But now I think I know.

As I’ve written about recently, God’s been working on my trust.

In this adventure, right from the beginning, God asked us to trust, to act, and now that we have God is showing us that we are not alone, this risk was not really a risk at all because God was already here all along. It was more than God going with us, though we sensed that too, but God being where we were going.


I don’t know where all these steps lead, and right now I’m too travel-weary to keep asking God when I already know it’s not time to know the answer. But one thing I do know: that God is already there ready and waiting for me. The time in-between is for me to be ready to be there too.


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