A place to stand

To get started today, I need you to quickly answer three questions, they’re easy, I promise. Not thinking too much about them will give you the best answers.

Here we go:

Who are you?

What are you?

Why are you?





easy, right?

If you’re anything like me, your quick answers would be something like this:

Who are you? Ah, Kathy. Duh.

What are you? Wife, mother, PhD student, (dare I say writer?)

Why are you? Umm, cos my parents had sex? (cringe)

But I think God would answer these questions differently. Something more like this:

Who are you? Beloved Daughter.

What are you? Precious Child of God.

Why are you? Because now was the time I needed to raise up someone with her skills, abilities, passions, ways of thinking, to step out and make a difference in the church and world.


Serious woah. That’s quite a shift.

What would happen if I could live remembering those as my first go-to answers? It might just make self-confidence problems non-existent. Who needs self-confidence when the God of the Universe is confident in me? Godfidence.

If only I could stop listening to all the doubts in my own head and just listen to God, what God says I’m capable of.

This is the place I need to stand in order to be free from my fears, to be steady in my identity in Christ, to be able to boldly come before the Throne of Grace, to step out in faith.

Not my small self-identity. The one God has for me.


How might that change your life?

Take some time to ask God to answer these questions for you. And then start living from those answers instead of your own.


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