Delightful you

Yesterday I spent some time in the cathedral praying.

It’s a lovely quiet old building, filled with the warmth of wood and soaked with prayer and reverence. The high stained glass windows show picture after picture of people needing, desperately to hear more about this God-man, Jesus, and people who just can’t help but speak of him.

People and God, God and people. Bound together, writing and telling each other’s stories over and over again.


When I go to light a candle I find, tucked away in an alcove, a beautiful wooden statue of Mary with young Jesus. He is lifted high in her arms and her head is thrown back in delight. She is delighting in her wondrous son. Just as God delights in us.


Did you catch that last bit? God delights in us.

God delights in me,

and God delights in you.

You are delightful, just as you are, right now in this very moment. Our God, who knows every person who has ever lived and ever will, delights in you.

God has nothing but warm affection for you, Beloved child. And nothing you think or do can change that.

What is the story that God tells of you?

O Wondrous Delight

O Precious Beloved

O Treasured Child.


How does God’s story of you compare with the one you keep telling yourself? How well do they line up? Do you even trust God’s version?

Do you trust the Maker of the Universe when he tells you what he sees in you?

Maybe you trust the bits about being a sinner and woefully inadequate a lot more than you do the Precious Child of the King and Beloved Bride of Christ.

Did you know that we live out of our own sense of identity? Essentially who we believe ourselves to be shapes every action, every thought.

So whose story is shaping your life?

Your one?

Or God’s?


When God tells us who we are, we can trust that, we can build our life on it as a strong foundation, knowing it is secure in the hands of the One Who Made All Things, including us.

When I stand in my identity in Christ, I am enabled to live in the freedom God promises, the ties of fear and shame fall away.


God delighted in Creation. I read recently (and I can’t remember where, sorry!) that in the creation story in Genesis, when God rested on the seventh day, that ‘rested’ can also be translated as ‘celebrated’ (scroll down to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance here). What did the Almighty God need to rest for or from? God declared creation ‘good’. When we create something good, something that comes out ‘just right’, we show it off, we celebrate.

God is delighting in creation, we are part of God’s creation, God is delighting in us!

Try living from this space of God’s delight. See what happens.


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