Weaving with Christ

There are many verses in Paul’s writings and the rest of the New Testament that speak of living by the Spirit, not the flesh, dying to yourself. In particular Romans 6-8, Galatians 2:20 and then more in Galatians 5:16-25, Ephesians 4:22-24, Luke 9:23-25.

I’ve been talking this over with God lately, pondering the inherent selfishness of my own private spiritual journey, discussing my own self-importance when God has already spelled it out.

Not just less of me and more of God,

but God is the centre and that centre is so full that there is no room for anything else.

Nothing is left unsurrendered, unsubmitted to God through Christ.

Jesus didn’t die and rise again for parts of me.

Christ laid down his whole life, all of it, so that all of me might be God’s.

This morning God showed me a picture of a loom,

each of us a thread,

and God the Master Weaver.

So often I get caught up in what my own thread is doing,

“am I on display?”

“am I being featured?”

“do I look pretty?”

“is my colour set off nicely by what surrounds me?”

“is my thread making a pretty pattern?”

that I forget this weaving isn’t about me.

I’m just one tiny thread in the large loom of life.

I dance back and forth, in and out, of the warp threads – Christ.

Christ is the basis of the weaving, the ground to my life.

The warp threads get stretched out on the loom, they are under constant tension throughout the weaving and need to be much stronger than the weft threads which are simply held in place by the strong warp threads.

It is the weaving together of our thread with the threads of Christ that holds us together,

makes a pattern,

we can’t do it alone.

A single thread trying to make its own pattern gets knotted and tangled.

But when we let the Master Weaver – God – thread our lives into the pattern of Christ and into the greater picture weaving together all of the other threads, all weaving together with Christ,

it is then that a beautiful weaving happens,

it is then that God can weave together the overall picture that God has designed and is making with us,

a pattern of love and grace,

and it is then, when we trust that God is in control and can work every mistake we make or stumble in our lives into the beautiful overall art that can come together (see Romans 8:28),

but it is only when we let God do the weaving

and we release our control,

our desires,

our selves to God

that it can happen.


Try it. See what beauty can be created when God weaves your life together with Christ and all the other saints.


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