Who are you?

Who we believe we are shapes our lives.

Who gave you the identity that you are living?

A name is an identity label we respond to, that we carry through our lives, that shapes us for better or worse. What is your name?

What has God named you?

Can you hear God whispering, “Beloved“? That is the name God has given you, Beloved.

That is who you are, Beloved.

Learn to respond to God’s term of endearment for you, God’s names for you to carry in your live, Beloved, Precious. Let these names shape your life.


Names have power, so only tune in your ear to the speaker you can trust through anything – God. Let God’s whisper, God’s shouted claim “BELOVED” ring through your being, shake down into your bones, rattle in your soul, rest in your heart.

This is your name, Beloved.

Leave the old names behind, and begin to live from this name that God has bestowed upon you, one chosen to give you fullness of life, freedom of joy.


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