A prayer for your weekend

Photo: May you have the trust to hold true.

Original photo by Raychan.


Some journal prompts to consider on this Easter Saturday:
> > What beliefs or dreams or visions are you holding to?

> > What future version of yourself are you holding in promise?

> > How do you help yourself to hold true when others around you don’t have faith in the same thing/s you do?

> > What actions can you take to help yourself trust yourself, to trust your vision/belief/dream?


A prayer for your weekend

Photo: May you receive guidance.

Original photo by Guillaume Galtier.


Some journaling prompts, if this blessing touches home:

  • Where do you listen/look for guidance? Are there particular people, books, natural events, synchronicities, etc?
  • Do you deliberately seek guidance or let it come unrequested? Do you weight these types of guidance differently?
  • Do you listen inside yourself? How might you build trust in your own inner guidance?
  • What helps you to know it is worth listening to rather than ignoring as part of the general static of the world? Whose voices do you ignore/block out and why?
  • What are you seeking/needing guidance for at the moment? Where are you listening?
  • What is the most unusual or unique way you’ve received guidance? How might you open yourself to hear in new ways?
  • What do you do with your resistance when you hear guidance meant for you that you don’t want to hear?